Our mission is to remove C02 before it reaches the atmosphere and lock it up for good.

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A mountain surrounded by forest

Our carbon removal plants are community scale and built at the fuel source.

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Our impact the next 10 years

2.8M MT

Carbon (CO2e) removed from the atmosphere each year

0.5M MT

Carbon (CO2e) prevented from entering the atmosphere

174 MW

Firm renewable energy generated

Our process


Local supply in (Avoidance)

We process waste left to rot in the forest, fields or landfill that would otherwise emit greenhouse gases like methane and CO2. Our plants are built at the source of the waste to avoid an additional transportation footprint.

Carbon negative conversion process (Removal)

We bake, don’t combust. Highly efficient energy generation - no pipeline leakage, no line loss, no fine particulate matter (PM2.5) released into the air. CO2 does not enter the atmosphere from our process.

Energy and carbon sales (Sequestration)

We lock up CO2 for good. More importantly, we support our customers like PG&E, farmers, and municipalities with their own emission reduction programs through sales of our firm renewable power, stable carbon, and offsets via the voluntary carbon market.
A lake side road surrounded by forestry.

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