Community scale bioenergy

We work in close partnership with community organizations to ensure our projects generate local economic and environmental benefit.

Our model

Local supply in

Organic feedstocks: forest biomass waste, agricultural waste, urban wood waste.

Carbon negative conversion process

Highly efficient energy generation - no pipeline leakage, no line loss, carbon negative.

Electricity and biochar sold

Biochar: sale of activated carbon to municipalities for filtration & biochar to farmers Energy: sale of electricity to utilities as part of mandated RPS standard

Project highlight: North Fork Community Power


Generating 2MW of electricity.

Reducing the risk of wildfire.

Working in partnership with local community to develop reliable, family-sustaining jobs and jobs training.

Producing reliable 24/7 renewable power in a rural region vulnerable to outages.

Net-negative emissions for high-hazard fuels which are open-burned if not utilized for energy generation.

Project partners and customers