Our products keep C02 out of the air

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Renewable energy sales

Currently we sell electricity to PG&E and other leading utilities under long-term fixed price contracts.

Contact us for more information about how our co-located carbon removal plants can help you power your company operations with 24/7 firm renewable power behind the meter.

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Carbon credits

We hold forward contracts for current and future projects with leading carbon brokers for credits generated for CO2 avoided, removed and sequestered during production of our high-quality biochar.

Our carbon credits can help your company with offsets to reach your emission goals. One of our credits is equivalent to 
1 MTCO2 removed from the atmosphere.

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Biochar sales

We sell and market high-quality biochar through our brand Earthworks Biochar.

Contact us to purchase Biochar
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Biochar can be used to increase soil fertility, improve water quality, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and more.

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How we work
in the forest

Phoenix helps eliminate the equivalent of 460 fires every year in California, preventing a staggering amount of C02 from reaching the atmosphere.

Decades of poor forest management lead to record mortality & devastating overcrowding.

Dead and dying trees are tinder boxes.

Climate change exacerbates the problem: hotter temps, drought, and winds.

The result is hotter, faster fires: megafires, and they will accelerate.

Overcrowding and fires both decrease groundwater— quantity and quality—choking downstream habitats.

And we are left with black carbon, threatened communities, devastated ecosystems, mud slides, massive criteria air pollutants.

How we work
in the landfill

Phoenix's carbon removal plants offer waste management companies alternatives to climate-devastating waste management techniques such as burning or leaving waste to rot in landfills.

California is an agricultural state with a law against burning agricultural waste.

Despite diversion rules, this means that ag waste goes to landfills, generating methane.

The climate crisis is a race against time and we must prioritize methane abatement.

Our carbon removal plants are community scale and built at the fuel source.

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