Phoenix Energy is carbon negative bioenergy production starting in California.

Driving conservation outcomes and rural economic resilience in the state's highest hazard regions since 2011.

0.5 MW in Merced, CA

Community-scale gasification

Bringing multiple products to premium customers and diversified markets.

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Energy to the Grid

Largest bioenergy market shareholder in California

Biochar - Soil

Dominant market leader of biochar sales in CA.

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Activated Carbon Filtration

Sale of high quality biochar for water filtration; current use for highway runoff.

Carbon Credits

Additional revenue from sale of voluntary carbon credits.

Growth on the horizon

Biomass energy is a highly dispatchable renewable, not dependent weather on high cost battery storage. California State policies, local economics, public saftey concerns and environmental concerns will continue to demand for distributed bioenergy solutions like ours.

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Close to hazardous wildfire fuels or agricultural waste or Material Recovery Facilities, localized supply chains and guaranteed feedstock In high-risk regions where emergency back-up power is an increasingly critical need.


Gasification is a combustion-free process with net negative emissions when compared to landfilling or open burning. Our technology results in a reduction in it's criteria air pollutants in some of California's most vulnerable rural regions.


Definitive leader of biomass California biomass, PGE contracts alone: 29% urban, 36% forestry BioMAT.