Community-scale bioenergy production benefits everyone.

Carbon abatement, water managment, economic resilience and wildfire mitigation in one scalable and proven business model.

The potential of biomass

Wildfires have increased in frequency, size and scale in the last ten years. 2020 was the hottest and most destructive fire season on record. Phoenix Energy enables sustainable forest restoration before the fires start - decreasing air criteria pollutants, carbon emissions and GHG emissions while reducing the risk of megafire in some of California's most vulnerable communities.

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Removal of high-hazard forest materials will mitagate megafire. Carbon dioxide from wildfires dwarfs California’s fossil fuel emissions.


Bioenergy production from agricultural waste reduces critical GHG emissions. When left unused in landfills, agricultural waste releases methane, which is 84x more warming than carbon.


Bioenergy reduces emissions from open-burning. Phoenix will eliminate the equivalent of 460 of these fires every year.

Conservation outcomes

Phoenix Energy is committed to driving conservation and carbon reduction through our work. Every aspect of our model is built to meet this goal.

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Impact drivers and impact outcomes